Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 Year In Review & Thank You


Year In Review (2009) & Thank You

By Mike DeNero

We’d like to end 2009 one a high note by thanking everyone who helped make 2009 our most successful year ever (bad economy and all!), providing you with a brief preview of our next e-Newsletter, and displaying a collage of some of our favorite items that we sold to collectors this year.

Thank You!

First, we’d like to thank all of our customers, especially those who originally found us through our eBay store and who have since become regulars to our website, Second, we’d like to thank Lilly Star Design for designing all aspects of our custom eBay store (including our custom comic strip and library pages) and for providing the finishing touches on our website and blog. Third, we’d like to thank our wonderful guest columnists, Keith Weinhold (Keith’s Key Kard Korner) and K. Aaron Cohen (Confessions of a Vintage Cardboard Junkie). Their tireless work (for ZERO pay, I might add) and attention to detail has helped make our e-Newsletter and blog more intelligent and fun! Fourth, we thank the legendary Bob Lemke for allowing us to use his awesome custom cards (and typically, his accompanying blog entries) for our monthly feature, Bob Lemke's Cool Custom Cards.

And finally (last, but certainly not least), we’d like to thank our brilliant, wonderful, artistic, and multi-talented cartoonist, Jim Hunt, who not only creates our monthly comic strip, Mike DeNero’s Neighborhood, but he also designed our silly food/drink product advertisements (e.g., Cap'n Mike's Cereal above) and each of the custom column headers that appear in our e-Newsletter (e.g., Mike DeNero's Pontifications above)! I wish I could have provided him the type of introduction that Bruce Springsteen lavishes upon Clarence (the "Big Man") Clemons at his concerts, but I'm no Boss and Jim Hunt doesn't need such an intro -- the brilliance of his work speaks for itself.

Preview of Next Month’s e-Newsletter

In next month’s e-Newsletter, we will reveal a new (additional) product line as well as a new monthly columnist. We don’t want to spoil the surprise … so we won’t! You’ll just have to wait until next month’s e-Newsletter …

2009 In Review

We wanted to end 2009 by providing a very brief review of some of the beautiful sportscards (and ticket stubs) that collectors purchased from us throughout the year. While we originally intended this to be a “Top 10 List” – one displaying each card as well as accompanying self-indulgent commentary -- it quickly became apparent to us that it would be nearly impossible to boil down our year to ten sportscards. Plus, since this is a visual hobby more than anything else, we’d let the images, rather than me, tell the story. So, without further adieu, here are some of our favorite “sold sportscards” (and ticket stubs) from 2009 …

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