Friday, April 2, 2010

Novacent Partners Assumes Role as Publisher of SGC Collector Magazine

Novacent Partners Assumes Role as Publisher of SGC Collector Magazine

by Mike DeNero

Novacent Partners (“Novacent”), a marketing and advertising agency located in New Jersey has enjoyed a long history in the sports collectibles hobby – for example, it has produced SGC Collector magazine since 2005. In late 2009, Sportscard Guaranty, LLC (“SGC”), the hobby’s most prolific grading company, approached Novacent about assuming the role as the magazine’s publisher, and Navacent was, in the words of Al Crisafulli (one of Novacent’s principals), “thrilled” to oblige.

According to Crisafulli, shortly after assuming the role of the magazine’s new publisher, “we’ve changed [the magazine’s] name from SGC Collector to simply Collector … to reflect the broader hobby, which includes not just graded cards but all cards – and not just cards, but all types of memorabilia and collectibles.”

In his Forward to Collector’s first issue (see scans of the cover and table of contents page displayed throughout this article), Crisafulli also noted that the new magazine’s content will reflect “deeper, more detailed articles on all facets of the hobby from the obscure to the common.” The magazine’s new publishers also hope to make the magazine “larger” and publish it “more frequently.”

It’s first issue, which arrived in subscribers’ mailboxes just last week, includes a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-auctioned “Merkle ball,” an article written by me, Mike DeNero, and my co-author, Kyleigh Spencer, about the 1934-1937 Garbaty Film Stars sets, which were released in pre-war Nazi Germany (which can also be found on our blog by clicking here), a piece about collecting sports books by Max Weder, and a truly enjoyable article written by Chris Stufflestreet about collecting “the beater.”

We truly urge all collectors to become a subscriber to Collector magazine, which is released quarterly – it and Old Cardboard are the two best sportscard collecting magazines in print. Subscriptions are only $20 and can be done online through a page on SGC’s website dedicated to Collector magazine by clicking here or by visiting SGC’s home page at and clicking on the link titled “Collector Magazine” near the top of the screen.

In the words of Al Crisafulli, “curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and enjoy [the] new issue of Collector. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.”

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