Saturday, October 2, 2010

Leela's Tips & Tricks - October 2010

Leela’s Tips & Tricks is Leela’s first foray into writing a monthly column – she usually just appears in Mike DeNero’s Neighborhood. As such, she does not have an impressive resume … yet. But give her a break; she’s only five-years-old! We hope you find her vintage collecting tips useful, her butchered attempts at composing sentences in what she calls “Canadien-French” amusing (if not refreshing, albeit confusing), and her unabashed love for her Montreal Canadiens admirable. Enjoy!

Buy Cards, Not Bags

(Translation: Cartes d'achat, pas des sacs)

by Leela

Bonjour, collectionnuers de cartes! It’s me, Leela, providing you with some vintage cardboard education … my tip o' the month. Voilà!

Well, my beloved Canadiens are no longer playing golf in the off-season – we are now officially eight days 'til next year! (Attendre l'année prochaine!)

My tip is that you should only buy cards, which are not a pain in the rump to store in your house, or a closet, or even a cabinet. I mean seriously – look at Rob DeWolf’s article on that Indians stuff he collects. Nuts, huh? Where exactly would you store a brown paper bag? Un sac en papier brun appartient sous l'évier, au mieux, oui? I myself only collect cards (except for all of my wire photos of Maurice “the Rocket” Richard, of course! Je ne peux pas oublier de mentionner ceux-ci.

Gotta go now – and please heed my strong advice. My dry cleaner just called to say that my vintage red wool Maurice "the Rocket" Richard #9 Montreal Canadiens hockey sweater is ready for opening night! Ce nettoyeur à sec est un sot, mais au moins il devient mon chandail proper. Tout va bien dans le monde quand je peux porter mon chandail avec fierté Richard.

Au revoir … Vive Les Habitants! C'est tout!

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