Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mike DeNero's Neighborhood (the comic strip) ... Coming Soon!

In our April Newsletter, look for our new monthly comic strip, Mike DeNero's Neighborhood, created by superstar cartoonist Jim Hunt ( The following is our brief synopsis of the comic strip and a brief sketch of each of the four characters with whom you will soon become familiar:

Synopsis: Mike DeNero's Neighborhood

Mike DeNero's Neighborhood focuses primarily on two main characters, Tony and Bernie, 5-year-old fraternal twins who play little league sports and collect baseball cards, which they buy at the small shop down the block from their house, Mike DeNero's Vintage Sportscards. The owner of the shop, Mike DeNero is the third character. The fourth character, Leela, is Tony and Bernie's friend from kindergarten and little league. She is a 5 year-old Chinese girl.

The Cast of Characters

Bernie: Bernie is a little wiseguy, but a very sweet 5-year old boy. Tony is his fraternal twin brother. Bernie has an amazing sense of humor, lives for attention and is everybody's best pal. He loves baseball, football, and hockey (and plays all three sports in little league), but baseball and hockey are his favorites. Like his brother, Tony, he collects cards. He's a diehard New York fan, through and through! Tony: Tony is more quiet than his 5 year-old twin brother Bernie. In some ways, Tony's the little brother. Although he's more of a scientist type, he loves to dance and plays football, baseball, and hockey in little league -- football, though, is his favorite. He has a more face-brightening smile, while his brother Bernie's is a little more sly. Tony collects cards, on which he spends all of his weekly allowance. In the comic strip, Tony is always seen sporting an old green football jersey (#12).Mike DeNero: Mike DeNero owns the sportscards store down the block from Tony and Bernie's house. Mike is also their little league coach in all three sports. Although Bernie and Tony spend a lot of time in his shop, they don't spend that much money because they only get a small allowance. Their dad, however, is Mike's best customer, so he needs to put up with the kids' presence and occasional good-hearted shenanigans. He wouldn't have it any other way. His shop is tiny, but in a great location (on one of Old Town Alexandria's historic streets). The shop has very large picture windows, and the company logo is featured prominently thereon. Leela: Leela is a 5-year-old girl adopted from China. She has pigtails and an adorable smile. Leela is very smart and gets a kick out of Bernie and Tony. She plays little league baseball and hockey (same teams as Bernie and Tony) and is in their kindergarten class as well. She also collects cards and seems to have an unlimited budget (especially, for a 5 year-old), about which Mike DeNero is puzzled but never questions. In the comic strip, she is always seen sporting a red hockey jersey, which she calls a "sweater."

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