Monday, February 22, 2010

Leela's Tips & Tricks - February 2010

Leela’s Tips & Tricks is Leela’s first foray into writing a monthly column – she usually just appears in Mike DeNero’s Neighborhood. As such, she does not have an impressive resume … yet. But give her a break; she’s only five-years-old! We hope you find her vintage collecting tips useful, her butchered attempts at composing sentences in what she calls “Canadien-French” amusing (if not refreshing, albeit confusing), and her unabashed love for her Montreal Canadiens admirable. Enjoy!

Pouvez-vous l'accent, s’il vous plaît?

(Translation: Can you focus, please?)

Bonjour, collectionnuers de cartes! Leela here to provide ya with some vintage cardboard education -- in other words, here's my tip o' the month.

For those of you who can't keep (or never had) some focus in your collection -- overflowin' boxes o' rubbish commons all over the basement, have ya? -- next time you think of buyin' another card, wait 'til you ID three different ones you wanna buy. Then, only buy the one card you want most and to heck with the other two. If you take that advice over the next year, by New Years Eve, you'll have picked up fewer cards, but each one ya get will be a card ya really want! Excellente idée, non?

Gotta go ... it's time for me to go pick up my vintage red wool Maurice "the Rocket" Richard #9 Montreal Canadiens hockey sweater at the dry cleaner before they close up la boutique for the night. I hope they hang it on a real hanger this time, rather than one of those cruddy wire jobs wrapped in that crap paper.

'Til next time -- Vive Les Habitants! C'est tout!

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