Monday, February 22, 2010

Tony & Bernie's "Big Apple" Stash - February 2010

In an effort to avoid being bested by their pal Leela, Tony and Bernie (the lovable twins from Mike DeNero’s Neighborhood) allow me to present Tony and Bernie’s “Big Apple” Stash. As the lads are twins, and are usually forced to share, why stop at toys, snacks, and sportscards – they will also take turns authoring this column, a monthly ode to their favorite vintage sportscards picturing New York legends. This month, Bernie takes a stab at waxing poetic about one of his all-time favorite Yankees. Please pardon his spelling skills and the liberties he takes with his recollections – he’s only five-years-old. Enjoy!

My Man, “da Scooter”

Hey everybodee! Dis is Tony here – da best Yankee fan on da east coast. I wanna thank my man Mike DeNero for lettin’ me and my twin bruddah Tony write dis column every month. I mean, since he’s lettin’ Leela write hers, it’s only fair we get one too, right?

Dis month, I wanna tell ya about my main man Phil “da Scooter” Rizzuto. He was da best shortstop da Bronx Bombers ever had. Now I know all yous guys out there think Derek Jeter is da best, but lemme tell ya, I seen ‘em both play. Now don’t get me wrong, they’re both great, but “da Scooter” was better (I mean, did Derek Jeter win da A.L. MVP Award in 1950, huh?).

I also like “da Scooter” because when he used to do the WPIX (channel 11) Yankee broadcasts, he would talk about anything but da game – canolis, birthdays, bakeries, Italian food, old stories, his aches and pains. You name it and “da Scooter” talked about it.

My favorite story about “da Scooter’s” ailments happened back in 1989. I was with one of my pals at his summer pad on the beach and it was rainin’ outside, so we couldn’t go to da beach. We stayed inside and watched da Yankees play in Detroit against da Tigers. Da game went extra innings, so for a few innings, “da Scooter” was broadcastin’ by hisself (no Frank Messer, no Bill White). He was talkin’ and all of a sudden, he yells “AAAAHHHH! Holy cow! I just got a pain in my knee!”

Anyway, dat’s a funny story about “da Scooter” as an old man. Here’s one of my favorite cards of him, a 1949 Bowman #98 (da “no name on front” variety). I picked dis one up off Mike DeNero a couple years ago. I carry it around school with me and show it to everybody in “show and tell.” It’s a cool card, just like “da Scooter” was a cool guy. Da best shortstop da Bombers ever had, I tell ya.

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