Monday, August 9, 2010

Leela's Tips & Tricks - July 2010

Leela’s Tips & Tricks is Leela’s first foray into writing a monthly column – she usually just appears in Mike DeNero’s Neighborhood. As such, she does not have an impressive resume … yet. But give her a break; she’s only five-years-old! We hope you find her vintage collecting tips useful, her butchered attempts at composing sentences in what she calls “Canadien-French” amusing (if not refreshing, albeit confusing), and her unabashed love for her Montreal Canadiens admirable. Enjoy!

A New Venture

(Translation: Une nouvelle entreprise)

by Leela

Bonjour, collectionnuers de cartes! It’s me, Leela, providing you with some vintage cardboard education … my tip o' the month. Voilà!

Well, my beloved Canadiens are now playing golf in the off-season. But just wait 'til next year! (Attendre l'année prochaine!)

Anyway, before I get back to enjoying this 95 degree weather with 85% humidity, I must provide you with my top of the month. My tip is that if you are a collector of sportscards and have never ventured into collecting non-sportscards, you might want to start your venture by purchasing just one card. After you buy it, keep it for one month before you buy another. If after that month you still want to buy more, your first purchase was probably the beginning of a new collecting interest, rather than a passing fancy! It worked for me. I ventured into non-sports with the 1940 Gum Inc. Superman cards and still love ‘em – Superman est de la bombe!

Gotta go. My dry cleaner just called to say that my vintage red wool Maurice "the Rocket" Richard #9 Montreal Canadiens hockey sweater is missing! C'est stupide, incapable, âne. Je vais descendre à son magasin et l'ont battu à une pâte!

Au revoir … Vive Les Habitants! C'est tout!

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