Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bob Lemke's Cool Custom Cards: June 2010

1970 and 1971 Topps Carlton Fisks

by Bob Lemke

1970 Topps Carlton Fisk (originally published on Bob Lemke’s blog 4-28-2010)

I found a couple of great early images of Carlton Fisk and thought I'd take a shot at creating what his cards might have looked like if Topps had included him in its 1970 or 1971 sets, rather than waiting for 1972 to give him a rookie card.

I know Topps "All-Star Rookie" designations reflected selection of that honor for the previous year, but I chose to make it a "pre-season" designation.

There's a 1971-style card in the works, as well, with a colorful "action" pose.

1971 Topps Carlton Fisk (originally published on Bob Lemke’s blog 5-22-2010)

Well, it HAS been a while. I was away from my home base for nearly two weeks, and then busy playing catch-up at work and with my hobby projects.

I'm finally getting time to post my newest custom card creation, a 1971 Topps-style Carlton Fisk to go along with the 1970-style card I posted nearly a month ago (April 28).

The '71 Fisk was the first for me in that format, but now I have a template created in case I want to delve any deeper into that genre. Truthfully, though, I don't really have any other 1971-style cards in my sights right now.

In 1971 I was no longer buying cards. At age 20 I was more interested in growing my hair, overthrowing the government, pursuing hippie chicks and my part-time job in pharmacological distribution. By '71 even my youngest brother had stopped buying cards, so I was never really exposed to what Topps was doing until I got back active in cards around 1979.

Card-wise, my heart will always be in the Fifties.


Bob Lemke is a collector of bubblegum cards in the 1950s-1960s, Bob Lemke's hobby today is creating cards of current and former “players” in those "golden age" styles. He currently edits the vintage sections of the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards and maintains a hobby blog at

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